Monday, March 28, 2011

A short trip back to Ipoh

I almost missed the van yesterday morning but good thing Nathan waited for me. :D

Breakfast time again and I had congee at 6.40am before work. Was planning to see the cuties after work by bus.

The anticipation of going back home all by myself was so overwhelming that I couldn't wait for 3pm to come sooner so I could go back.

Finally it's time. I boarded the 3.50pm Rapid Bus from the bus-stop in front of Parkroyal Hotel.

Jam-packed with people going to various places.

This was snapped after the stop at Komtar. Many got down from Komtar.

Around 5pm, I finally reached the jetty where I needed to take the ferry across to the mainland.

It's free!

The interior of the ferry. The back of the benches can slide back and forth so that passengers don't have to sit in the opposite direction when the ferry is moving.

The view from jetty

In the ferry

The bus from Butterworth to Ipoh. RM20 for the ticket but the good thing was I got to get up the bus instantly.

I chatted with a girl sitting next to me and we became friends. Went out to dinner together with my sister and we fetched her home since she was staying nearby.

When I came home, I was so happy to see the two cuties running out from the cage to greet me. Elly gave me a bark and I never hear her barking at me ever again after that. Just felt like playing with them all day long. :)

Watched Master Chef final and I am glad Whitney won. David was such a snob. Attitude truly wins!

As I only have 17 hours at home, I tried my best not to sleep early but in the end, I slept at 1.40am. Got to wake up this morning to wash my bedsheets and pillow cases before going out for breakfast with sis.

I missed the Western breakfast at Liang Tang!

It has been a long time since I had last driven and I still remember how to drive. Hahaha!!

The dogs and Eunice

It's the Elles again!

Elsa licking her mouth. She is a better model than Elly.

Both sun-bathing

Two of them doing random things.

They love to lick my hand.

Elsa's ears are infected with parasite. In the process of healing. Get well soon, Elsa! Don't answer to the name Elly anymore.


Elly at the background looking for people to bark. Hahaha...

Both of them sleeping after feeling bored of nothing to do.

It's breakfast time! See how they eat.

Elly. One of the rare pictures with her being still.

Now I know the trick to snap her picture. Make her tired and snap all the pictures at any angle that you want.

Going to doze off soon.

They are adorable. Can't bear to part with them. I will be back for another trip soon!!!

Will be boarding the 3.45pm bus back to Penang. Sayonara, Ipoh!

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