Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mini typhoon in Penang?

The 17 hours I had at home (including the sleeping time as well) were good times. I miss the cuties already! I was attempting to blog about the trip back last night but I was tired (actually being lazy using tired as an excuse).

Boarded Transnasional this time and the ticket only cost me RM14. There are many people at the bus station who will try to rip passenger off, especially desperate ones so this time, I took my sweet time buying ticket as soon as I reached Medan Gopeng the night before (27 Mar).

Looked like a movie ticket.
Speaking of movie tickets, I have been collecting Gurney GSC movie stubs to keep track on how many movies I have watched here so far. Current record: 4 times, 3 times in this month alone.

No wonder my expenditure sky-rocketed this month. Hahaha!!!

Eunice accompanied me at the bus station while I waited for the bus to arrive. Finally it did. I was supposed to sit at 2A but then I looked around and saw that 5C and 5D were empty. So I quickly changed my seat and it was nice having two seats to myself when I only paid for one.

The ride was uneventful and I dozed on and off throughout the entire journey.

Reached Penang Sentral at 5.50pm and headed straight for the ferry. Waited for around 20 minutes and at 6.30pm or so, I reached the island.

Last transport (the Rapid) to take from the Jetty to Batu Ferringhi. By the time I reached Batu Ferringhi, it was already 7.50pm.

And here was when the adventure began.

I was walking happily to the Malay stall for dinner and I felt the rain was coming but did not think it would be heavy. You know, like really tiny drops from the sky that could not be considered rain at all.

So I caught sight of Kah Men sitting at the stall waiting for me and suddenly, the sky opened up and water started pouring like crazy. As if this was not enough, the wind followed suit almost instantaneously and I quickly ran and desperately trying to take cover under the shelter of the stall but the wind was too strong that it was blowing the rainwater in all directions (I actually wished the stall had four walls then). It really reminded me of the typhoon I saw on tv. I thought I was a smart-aleck and tried opening my umbrella to shield myself from the rain. I got so shocked when my umbrella got opened up in the opposite direction and quickly closed it. Upon closer inspection, one of the wires was a little bended due to the pressure from the wind. :(


Anyway, the "mini typhoon" had their fun for a while while we were waiting for people to start cooking. Yes, the cooks were hiding from the rainwater so no orders were taken during the episode of the "mini typhoon". We waited for around half an hour before we could place our order. It was already 8.30pm by then.

My long-awaited nasi ayam pedas. RM4.50. Value for money as it was delicious. :)

The rain finally stopped at 9pm and I walked back to the condo feeling relieved.

Why has it been raining for the past week? I don't understand. I don't really like the rain anymore when it gets too much.

Had bihun and 2 half-boiled eggs this morning so I ate less for lunch.

Erm, not that little according to mom.

I get hungry really fast when working especially the period between breakfast and lunch. I think it has a lot to do with the non-stop walking in SMC.

A final treat to end this post with a bang!

The cuties/naughties having fun. No wonder they ignored me after that. They were too tired to play already!

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