Thursday, March 03, 2011


Woke up at around 10.20am today and so far this was the latest time I ever woke up at in Penang. It's a good break today as I managed to read many pages of Time Traveler's Wife, watched a couple of movies (The Haunted School & Snow Dogs) and online for the rest of the time. Not to forget I did laundry too. I think it's time to keep the clothes in.

Kah Men asked me to go to Gurney but I felt really homey today and planned to stay home all day long. Had Ibumie plus a 3/4-cooked egg for dinner. It was delicious although a tad unhealthy. :P

Going back to work tomorrow! Three more days before changing work environment. I hope I will enjoy it in the midst of busyness! :D

Meet Girl Girl who most likely will be in our family soon! I welcome you!

You shall be Elsa now. Hello Elsa!

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sapphire blu said...

aduh why you put girl girl picture there. she looks so different from last two weeks.. what happen to her. I think she going to grow into a mini giant soon.. will be a huge heavy dog..