Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Saturday service for me

Today was my first morning shift at SMC and again, I was lucky as there was few guests who came for breakfast hence, plenty of time for mis-en-place for lunch and dinner.

Went to church after work and the sermon was about the second lie we often tell ourselves: Good people will go to heaven.

It's an interesting topic as we often think that good people will definitely go to heaven. I was so tired from walking back from work that I fell asleep in the bus on the way there and was dozing on and off during sermon. *guilty*

After that, I walked over to the New Pakma Food Court and ordered a plate of fried spaghetti and french fries. Was thinking to quickly eat and then wait for the bus sooner but I suffered after that. Stomach was churning so badly I thought I was about to throw up. Throughout the entire ride in the Rapid, I was feeling slightly giddy but I felt nothing after came back home. I guessed all the food had been digested. :)


I will eat there whenever I attend Saturday services. Will try the fried rice next. Looks delicious.

Another 7-3 shift again tomorrow. :)

P.S. My hair smells so good after using the L'Occitane conditioner. Hmm...

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Eunice said... what's the 1st lie?