Monday, March 07, 2011

First day at SMC

First day at SMC. There was nothing much to do today. I wonder why because I have been anticipating the busyness before I came into this department. I folded lots of napkins today and learnt to use the steamer. Hahahaha.. There was a little mishap in the bar counter when I did not press the steamer button to off it before removing the little jug from the steel that was warming the milk. I learnt my lesson. Everyone was very helpful and willing to teach. Time being, I have not been scolded yet and I hope I never will be.

A new uniform to match a new environment.

Snapped by Poh Ting during lunch time.

Oh, this is the canteen of the hotel where staffs have their duty meals. Looks grand, eh?

Poh Ting looking lovely in the Front Office uniform.

Tomorrow is my off day! Going to watch movie with Bernice. This time I am not alone. Hehehe!!!

A video recorded by Eunice of Elsa and Elly playing like crazy.

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sapphire blu said...

red riding hood will be a nice movie to watch but it is not being aired yet. i am waiting for that show. This coming saturday i might be watching Mars Needs Moms (PG13)
Category: Animation
Language: ENG

"Mars Need Moms" follows a boy named Milo (Seth Green). He's just starting on his summer break but his mother gives him plenty of chores and tasks...

sapphire blu said...

Already watched the field puppies biting each other but i am watching again now. nice to watch won't get bored one..

time being I am watching pydt episode 333 - 335 have not come to and end yet. maybe many more episodes to go.