Saturday, March 05, 2011

It Takes Two

The day after tomorrow is the day I will change department. Feeling slightly apprehensive but excited at the same time. I guess this is what you call mixed feelings. :)

After almost one month of the mysterious disappearance of Crystle, I have been trying to find another puppy as a companion. Once a home is used to the sound of dog barking almost every day, a day without the sound of it is unbearable and all kinds of emotional pains start to surface at the thought of the lost dog. Initially, I thought I have found The Dog but today, my sis and dad not only found The Dog but they are The Dogs.


Doggie No. 1. What should we name her?

Names, names, names!!

What if we name them Elsa and Elsie? Hahahaha!!! Or Muffin and Doughnut?

They are so cute like muffins and doughnuts. :D

UPDATE: The names have been decided. It will be Elsa and Elly. From the picture, Elly's head is lying on Elsa. According to Eunice, they are now hiding under the car refusing to come out. They have each other so they leave the owner to cry in depression. So sad. Hoo.. hoo.. hoo..

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