Thursday, March 17, 2011

A dream so emotion-affecting

Today will be my tenth day in SMC. I didn't realise I actually miss Chi people until I see this picture that Melissa posted on my Facebook wall.

Mel and I

She's an Indonesian Chinese I got to know during my early spa days. Miss her so, so much! Hope she is doing well.


I had a dream about Crystle. Funny that I didn't even think about her and she popped up in my dream. She was again in the house and everyone seemed to be forgetting the fact that she was supposed to be missing. It was as though she had been there all along. And in the dream, I asked mom what happened to the Elles and she said another friend already adopted them. I was so sad to hear about this because I still had not seen them and now they were gone.

I was glad it was just a dream. Not glad that Crystle is still missing but I am glad that the Elles are still safe and sound at home. I don't want anything bad to happen to them.

Will be cooking on my own for lunch. This time it will be half-boiled eggs and crackers. Yum yum!

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