Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Goodbye, Chi, The Spa. Hello, SMC!

I can't wait for these last few days in spa to end. On 7th March, I will be heading off to F&B (Spice Market Cafe) department for two months. My days there will be over very soon because of the workload and wow, it will be time to change to another department and then the end of my training.

My schedule from 1-6 March 2011 at Chi, The Spa:

1 Mar (Tue): 3-11pm
2 Mar (Wed): 10-6pm
3 Mar (Thu): Public holiday replacement
4 Mar (Fri): DAY OFF
5 Mar (Sat): 3-11pm
6 Mar (Sun): 3-11pm

What am I going to do on the two free days that I have? Hmm...

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sapphire blu said...

all afternoon shift for you except for March 2nd. so you have to plan well what to eat before going to work. Everyday instant noodle and eggs also not so good I guess.

Feeling so lazy today. Just sit on the sofa and stare at the computer screen and do not know what to do. Waiting for lunch time but then what to eat. I do not know as I m already bored with all the food here.

Maybe will just drink a cup of milo and some crackers to fill in. Or maybe follow your style crackers with eggs.

Dozing off soon the weather is so cooling out there. Clothes will never have a chance to dry.

What's for lunch What's for lunch.

dr 1/6 said...

i thought smc stood for convent ><

fi, look at you all grown up and working!

i still have study schedules...which i don't really adhere to :/

i miss YOU!