Thursday, March 10, 2011

SMC ain't no busy!

What I had for lunch yesterday.

Some fish curry gravy, vegetables and chicken. RM4. It was delicious.

It has been the third day at SMC. So far, so good. I love the working environment in the sense that I do not have to sweat like I used to at Chi, The Spa. And the uniform is so comfy! It feels like pajamas. That is how comfortable it is!

These few nights have not been very busy and I thank God for non-busy hours! With less guests, we can do turnover sooner for breakfast and I won't be missing the van.

Went out to the Garden Wing lobby lounge to help serve drinks to guests today since SMC was not that busy.

The welcome drinks

Lounge area where the guests are being welcomed in prior to check-in.

How could I forget to post this picture during my last day at spa? The five-element oils.

My favourite smell is still the Fire Element. Smells like a sweet perfume to me.

Another 3-11 shift tomorrow. I realise I always have afternoon shifts since my days at spa.

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Anonymous said...

as usual i enjoy reading your interesting post about rasa. continue to like the environment at smc. this morning I had ibumie for bfast. nice will be buying another 10 packets soon.