Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A date with Nando's and Homecoming

Today was a good day for a good lunch and a good movie.

So where did I go for lunch?

Nando's! I miss this place so, so much!!! It's the place where chickens are flame-grilled to perfection.

The tomato sauce and three levels of spiciness (mild, hot and extra hot)

Waiting for food.

My 1/4 chicken with two side dishes, Mediterranean rice and Peri chips

Of course, I always go for extra hot. Heheheh!!!

Another shot of the chicken with extra hot sauce poured all over it.

Next up, I watched Homecoming 《笑着回家》!

I asked about student price but I was told today is Super Wednesday (oh, how could I forget?) so everyone gets his/her ticket for RM6. So cheap!

My set of Combo 1 popcorns and Sprite. RM5.50.

I couldn't decide where to sit so I asked the ticketing guy to tell me which row was the best. In the end, I picked the fourth row from the back. It's eye-level.

I laughed a lot throughout the movie. Jack Neo never fails to make me laugh.

The trailer of Homecoming.

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sapphire blu said...

Alamak I cant watch homecoming already. It is not aired in MBO anymore. maybe showed in cinemas too many days so now no more. maybe i will wait for the dvd. hmm.