Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The day when I worked in two departments

I had my first experience working at Spice Market Cafe last night and I kind of love it there because time speeds fast. Everyone will be asking for your assistance and it's a challenging work to remember each task when all came rapidly one after another.

I was in spa from 3-7pm and went off to SMC at 7pm. I felt like a model changing uniform rushing from one department to the other. After finishing my 3-hour work at SMC, I changed back into spa uniform for the remaining 1-hour work at the spa. Actually there was not much to do at spa but I just want to help with the closing since I was supposed to be there initially.

The day ended pretty well and today I will not be going to SMC. Now I get a clearer picture of how the things work there and I can be mentally prepare myself to work fast. Just like the online games like Diner Rush, speed is very important. :)

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