Thursday, February 03, 2011

Chor Yat

Gong Xi! Gong Xi!

I must start off today's post with the CNY greeting. I can feel the festival although I have to work today. Why? You will know when you read this post further.

I woke up and felt a little lazy. Dang, it's laundry day again. I marked today as a memorable day as it would be the last day I would ever use the washing machine. What to do? Must save electricity so that the bill will not be so high and I don't have to pay extra money for rental. Hehehe!!! I shall drink less water and shit less too.

The last sentence is obviously a joke. I am not that insane (yet) to shrink my water intake and die a slow and painful death.

Back to this morning, I was feeling cheapskate so I had my breakfast at the hotel.

A glass of Milo to start my day. It's lovely.

First day of Chinese New Year and there were very few Chinese in sight. I guessed all of them had already returned home for the festival. The only remaining Chinese in the hotel were the pathetic ones who had to sacrifice their public holidays for another year. Poor thing. This is one cruel reality that I have to accept to work in the hotel industry. Sad.

I could hear "Dong dong chiang, dong dong chiang" coming from outside when I went into the spa sanctum. Then Zaki said the lion dance troupe would be coming soon. I went into the office to start typing the promo letters for guests checking in tomorrow and halfway through, Liang asked me to go out and see the lion dance. So I went.

They are finally here! Dong dong chiang!!

A video of how the 'lion' got the angpau from the boutique entrance.

Remember why I said I could feel the festival even when I was working? This was how!!

The spa was nominated in some competition and the judge came for the treatment today. Everyone, especially Zaki was exceptionally concerned and made sure everything was in tip-top condition before the guest arrived.

In the end, we got good remarks from her. Phew! Now there's a greater chance to win the award.

Zaki suddenly decided to treat me so we went to KFC for dinner.

Two-piece chicken, coleslaw, mashed potato and a bun. A classic KFC meal. I am still bloated after dinner. Two hours had passed since I reached home. Can you imagine how filling the food was?

Bonus video for the day:

Was about to fall asleep last night when I heard the fireworks outside. This was recorded from my room window. Not a good angle because I was too lazy to go to the balcony to have a better video.

1 wrote a note:

Anonymous said...

hopping here and there and found your post at last:
Nin Chor yat:

After reading your post of Chor Yat I think today i give you 100 marks la for it. Nice interesting. I love your fireworks video actually. Know why. Because not much fireworks can be seen and this means not so smokey and noisy. Don't have to check up at ENT clinic. The place I am staying here was terrible the smoke in the sky.. Before I cool down..I would hear eeuuu.. pommmmm... so loud fireworks together with fire crackers sound and my heart like was having trouble beating normal throughout the night since 8pm till 1 am.. Imagine. how much was spent for all those just to let it go in the sky.

Then suddenly halfway around 1am I heard rain dropping on the roof. I qucikly thank God for those as this will then make the fireworks and firecrackers stop making me heart attack. But then... not long after that Mr Thunder and Mr Lightning came along to wish everybody at my area Gonggg....Gongg as loud as they could but no Xi... followed by the word Gong.. Should be in full mah Gong Xi Fa Cai..

The rain continue to wash away the dust till this morning. I thought of packing some clothes and wait for someone to come already to take us to a centre for shelter. I was already ready waiting for emergency evacuated. Ehh.. the rain suddenly stopped so my plan to pack also stop there.

Had mix vegetables for lunch and dinner. A bit bored with the same dish for two meals on the same day but what to do lazy is the caused of all that.

Will end here as today is the most boring comment I typed. My mood is zero level as streamyx back at home is like critical and will never be cured.

99 to the owner of the blog here and now is already Chor Yee.

Hoi Nin or open year it is known as too.

End with a little drizzle outside but wait a minute... I think the rain just stopped.

Till another tik tok tik tok.