Tuesday, January 29, 2008

dear pey shyan..

Once upon a time, there was a girl whom I have known since Form 3 and still keeping in touch.

Pey Shyan, I dedicate this entire post to you. You think I am joking? I am really going to write about you. To tell the whole world what kind of friend you are to me. Nervous? Nothing bad about you will be revealed here. Don't worry. All things will be good. Good nouns, good adjectives and certainly good words I will use to describe you.

I've been wanting to say this for a long time but I just could not seem to find the chance. I am not going to say how much I love and adore you because that won't be right. I am no lesbian. I am straight just like you. I just want to say I am grateful we met and became friends. How many friends have you met in your course of journey called friendship whom you have to say goodbye and never kept in touch later in life? I should say, everyone experiences that. Even I do. I am sure you do too. I hope our friendship won't be at its end too soon. We'll try to go out for more yum cha sessions and watch more gross movies together. Sweeney Todd is just a beginning.

We must find another trying-on-various-shoes day to expand your collection in your closet. Shoes are never enough. I admit I love shoes too and the only obstacle that I face is my RM closet is still not the pleasing amount that I had always wanted it to be.

I remember you love reading The Chronicles of Narnia. I know you love Shrek but you didn't have the courage to admit it in front of me simply because I am the so called Mrs. Shrek. I divorced him, remember? Anyway, the truth is that he died in a car crash. I am no longer Princess Fiona. Just Fiona.

You can stop calling me Mrs. Shrek/Princess Fiona now. :P

Back to your description. You are such a fun girl to hang out with and also a girl who has a small stomach. One day, we must go and eat lots and lots of food. On my expense, okay? You don't have to worry. You can eat all you want.

I volunteered to treat you simply because I know you can't eat much. Hahaha....

Just kidding. I am sincerely going to treat you regardless how much/little you eat.

What more can I say? I have to refrain myself from revealing your bad habits here (doubt I knew any of them) so I'll just stop right here.

The cow-drawings and scribbles during our immature years long time ago will never be forgotten. If you remember, that is.

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Anonymous said...

Hey princess fiona..so touched..i really thought u were joking..hahaha..Yea..we will sure go out again one day soon for another movie/makan/gorging ourselves crazy on pizza/shoe shopping/yakking..!! Haha..be on da lookout for more new movies lar..den we go watch together k? Muackss..

Anonymous said...

wah your friend pey shyan sure felt very honoured. anyway I think both of you will be frenz forever.. its not easy to have a long lasting friend so just thank God for the many wonderful miracles He has done for us.. does pey syan has a blog?