Thursday, January 24, 2008

retarded hibiscus needs lunch..

I saw a retarded hibiscus yesterday morning. I thought I would see a perfect flower but this is what I saw. How disappointed to see a lovely flower turned out to be so imperfect.

Look at the petals. Two of them were much smaller. It's such a depressing sight.

I think it's time to 'feed' the plant with fertilizers. They must be hungry after so many weeks of drinking tap water without consuming any solid food.

My mom had told me. I must not feed them too much or the plant shall die.

Speaking of solid food, this is what I ate yesterday for lunch.

Cabbage, pandan chicken and black soy sauce with eggs
Look at how beautifully-wrapped the chickens are!! I seasoned them and wrapped them up for 24 hours before frying them. *sniggers*
Okay, okay. I lied. It's prepacked. I just defrosted them and put them into the wok.
So simple that you should try it. Especially for those instant food lovers. =)

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Anonymous said...

no worry ask your dad to buy pandan leaves and i can wrap the chicken for you... its easy no hard work but you must be creative in wrapping so that the chicken don't drop out when you fry.... lets try wrapping when I get back one of these months.. haha