Thursday, January 24, 2008

crystle the poser 2..

Pictures courtesy of Sapphire Blu. Crystle is a part-time model which is underpaid. Each time she poses, all she gets is a pat on her head and if she's a lucky, maybe a cookie or two.

But what you pay is what you get, right? This shows how poor she poses. Haha!!

I'm dreaming of a white ChrisTLE.

*It's ChristMAS, you doinky!*

Whee! A neck massage is just what I need. Ah, not too tight! I feel my nerves breaking apart. Help!!

* I won't kill you, sweetheart. I love you to DEATH!!*

I am the King of the Jungle! Look how lion-like my set of teeth is! Ggrrr..

*Yeah, right. They are so yellowish they need dental treatment. Now, let me help you. Anyone has pliers?*

I love the song Changing Partners. Let's start waltzing together. La la la..

*Your 'la la la' will bring the hurricane to Malaysia. Stop it!!!*

So that's the end of another photoshoot. She's currently lazing under the car trying to find some loose wires to bite. That's just what she does when she is out of job. As you know, modelling is not a permanent job. What more for a poor poser like Crystle?

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Anonymous said...

i like the picture with her unseen eyes.. very cute.. crystle white lives till one day she becomes queen of the jungle replacing the lion