Monday, January 28, 2008

during the chinese new year..

Chinese New Year is coming real soon. As this year is the Year of the Rat/Mouse (most shopping complexes say Mouse), wherever you go, whenever you are in Malaysia, you will see Mickey and Minnie Mouse dominating the decoration on stage, kiosks, etc.

Am I being forgetful or have they been using Disney characters all this while for commercial purposes to increase their Lunar New Year sales? I am talking about the shopping complexes. I could not remember seeing Pluto being decorated all over the stage or Piglet displaying on banners last year and the year before.

If they really did, I thought they did a wonderful job. The kiddos would be pestering their parents to buy things that have these Disney characters on them and before long, forcing their parents into bankruptcy. Hahahaha...

Just kidding. People don't get bankrupt just by buying things. I mean people won't buy till they drop, right? Shop till you drop is just a myth. It does not happen.

Here's a conversation I would imagine between a child and her mother after being hypnotised by the Disney imprinted items.

Child: Mommy, mommy! I want that bottle with the Minnie sticker!
Mom: No, sweetie. You already have one. I will buy for you when it's broken, okay?
Child: No! I want one NOW! Please mommy, please? *at this point, child attempts to cry with trembling lips*
Mom: Look here, sweetie pie. Be a good boy/girl okie? I will buy you some sweets.
*child brightens up a little*
Child: Okie dokie! I want the sweets with Mickey wrapper, can?

Children are such good 'promoters'. They will try all sorts of methods to prompt their parents to get them to buy things that they wanted. Or else, they will play the blackmail. You know, things that will embarrass the parents in public.

For example, throwing tantrum and crying and rolling on the ground in public like they are in a deserted island, when everyone's attention is locked upon them. This is an effective method and it's really practical. Parents would normally abide to their every want to get rid of further embarrassment.

Some kids, who are a little shy would never execute the throwing-tantrum-to-scare-parents method. Albeit being shy, they are also sly. This is what they would do. First, they would do the pestering and the sweet-talking to buy their parents' hearts. If mission is still not accomplished through this step, they would advance to the second step. What is the second method? They put up bitter expressions on their faces. I-dare-you-to-ignore-me that kind of thing. They will pull their faces so long that even the public would notice their foul expressions and starts questioning what really happened between the parents and the children.

So which type is your child? The daring one or the sly one?

Note: The above methods are merely my personal opinion. Children might not behave exactly how I imagined them to, so do not fire me, okay? I know there are angelic kids too! I am one of them. Haha!!

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and which type are u the daring one or the sly one..haha