Tuesday, January 15, 2008

idiots everywhere!!

You are bound to meet people who are either disgusting, idiotic, annoying and the likes at some points of your life. Today itself, the wheels of misfortunes spun twice thus I met with two (idiots, fools or any bad nouns that you could possibly think of) within twelve hours. How 'lucky' can life be sometimes?

The story started off like this.

I went swimming with my mom and sis this morning. We were glad that there were not many people. Now that I thought of it, less people in the pool could be something bad too. There was one old hag possibly with a wort on his nose (I couldn't see clearly as I was quite a distance from him, FORTUNATELY!) with a belly as large as a seven-month-old pregnant woman sitting by the pool whom I think had wasted his entire life doing nothing but keeping his eyes on people who do not concern him swimming, enjoying or relaxing in the highly chlorinated water.

Then, he saw us swimming and he criticised the way we swam loudly as though he was deaf. Well, he must be since he could not control his volume when he speaks. You can imagine how loud he was. Throwing crude remarks at people you know was bad enough, what more to the people who were not even your acquantainces? What made him think that he had the right to judge the way we swim? Hey, we don't even know him! There is not even a single rule which says,

If he thinks he is so super, duper fantastic, why doesn't he go and build his own pool?
Not long after that, I caught a glimpse of his so-called out of this world, ultimate free style. I nearly choked myself laughing. He was swimming with a floated board in between his legs!!!!!!!
It was then that I realised this foolish guy does not know how to swim. Tell me, which professional swimmer needs a float? Unless you are an amateur or you really like to make a big joke out of yourself, then only you will do things that are out of the ordinary just like this poor old man. I sympathised with him, really. Trying to attract some bad attentions from the people. So pathetic.
The second idiot was discovered when I was on the way to fetch my brother to his tuition class. I was driving when there's a despicable human-like form which/who was riding on a bike appeared in front of me.
I was driving on the STRAIGHT road. He, was at the junction on the left. Common sense tells you that when you see an oncoming car from the straight, you need to stop. But uncommon sense hit this fellow here so he continued moving. I nearly banged into him. I guess that was what he was hoping for. Hoping that I would knock him down and then claim some of my hard-saved money for his hospital fees, any injuries, etc.
Dream on, idiot! The car brakes were working so fine that the bumper did not even touch the sleeves of his human-like shirt! Trying to get me to knock you? You must be still in Neverland. Probably you are drunk too.
Meeting one idiot is already something that could ruin your entire day. I met two today. So I guess my day is pretty bad today.
Maybe the I.D.I.O.T.S. need salvation from God to keep their sanity intact. May God bless the both of you abundantly with the wisdom of the mind.

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Anonymous said...

the next time you see another idiot what you need to do is just stare at them and said nothing.. whatever they said to you does not matter all you have to do is just STARE!!

mike said...

ahahahahaha... damn funny lar...