Sunday, January 27, 2008

miss chinese international pageant 2008..

The competition that I have been anticipating since last October is finally aired tonight.

Joanne Yew, who represented Malaysia, unfortunately, didn't win the crown. She's not even on the top five list. Not even top ten. At least she was in the top twenty three.

This picture was taken during her most victorious and sweetest moment when she was crowned as Miss Astro 2007 last October.

Throughout the show, all I did was examining their beautiful complexion and their long and nicely tanned legs. How I wish I have such slender figure! I wonder where they get such flawless skin.

Some people are just born with it.

Okay, who was crowned as Miss Chinese International 2008?

She was...

Miss Oceane Zhu from France!

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Anonymous said...

Oceane Zhu from Paris very pretty yar.. she got unique looks..and I think it is her intelligence that made her won the title.