Tuesday, January 29, 2008

guardian of the gates of giant..

Look at the red cushions at the entrance of Giant.

I purposely upload this picture to show people how ugly the decoration at Giant can be. I am not offended by the ugly decoration. Or rather the way they decorate their entrance.

There was this particular woman whose job is to guard the entrance and make-sure-no-one-snap-pictures kind of job approached me and said,

'Sini tak boleh tangkap gambar (You cannot snap pictures here).'

If she is so smart, why didn't she ask me to delete it right in front of her face? So annoying.

This is one fact I don't understand. Why can't we snap pictures in a supermarket? What if we want to promote the supermarket to the world? Of course we need pictures to show people what a haven it is to shop at Giant Ipoh!

I guess they don't want any new customers. Not that it's my business anyway. Anyway, for more beautiful and comfortable shopping environment, go to Jusco, Parkson, The Store, Tesco and not Giant. They have this lady guard who tarnishes their reputation badly. Speaking to customers as if Giant is made of gold when it's not.

If Giant is really made of gold, they won't even need to hire people like her.

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Anonymous said...

they have nothing better to do as though after they come and approch those who snap pictures they will get higher bonus.. watlah ask them to do some other better things like guard people from shop lifting and those people who use fingers to spoil the fruits before or without buying