Thursday, January 31, 2008

the note i will never be able to send..

Dear Mrs. Ooi,

It was so sudden. I didn't expect to hear this bad news. I am sorry for not being able to say goodbye to you. You will always remain the best English teacher in my schooling life. May you rest in peace, Mrs. Ooi. I know you are looking at us now from heaven, free from pain and sufferings.

The only thing that I regret now is that I did not see you for the final time. The only things that will always remind me of you would be the memories I had in my primary years with you. I owe you so much yet I could never find a chance to repay you. I love you.

Till we meet again in eternal paradise.

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Anonymous said...

May you rest in peace Mrs. Ooi. Fiona told me about your death and I was like in a shock and very surprised for a while. I only met you once or twice when she was in her primary years and I heard many people said you are one of the best English teachers that can pronounced a word correctly. Many sure will miss you a lot and when I read Fiona's blog about you I felt there is an heartache inside. Your death is a loss to many pupils of Marian Convent, Ipoh. Till we meet in heaven's gate, Mrs Ooi the dedicate English teacher of this primary school.