Monday, January 07, 2008

just reminiscing about one of the sweet moments..

I woke up at 6 something this morning and went back to meet Alice in Neverland at 11 something. I am still feeling sleepy right now.

I promised to upload the picture of the three flowers so here it is.

I doubt you can see the Japanese rose. It's the little carnation-like flower on the left.

Below are some photos which were snapped on the last few moments before we bid farewell to everyone and exchanging good lucks for the forecoming STPM.

Speaking of STPM, I don't want to sit for it again. Once is more than enough. =)

Puan Ratan (maths teacher) and us

From left: Su Ping, Yee Leng, Kah Chan, Puan Ratan, me, Wai Leng and Xiao Wei

Just making an excuse to delay maths period further.

The girls

USA2 and me

I remember we were celebrating Puan Ratan's birthday that day. We bought her a marble cheese cake and spent the entire two periods of maths eating and snapping pictures.
Really missed those fun moments with you people.

When can we do that again? We are out of school now, so such chance doesn't come easy. The only way we will be meeting up again is when we still keep in touch with one another.

Is that possible? Fat chance it's not.

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