Monday, January 21, 2008

a bliss like never before..

I have never felt such bliss.

The joy of being able to spend more quality time with mom in KL was really a magnificent and breathtaking experience. Felt like going for another round. If life is like a Ferris Wheel, I am sure I will have the same chance to go for another ride.

Being away from home without dad tagging along. Being away from problems. Being away from worries. Isn't it great? However, it was all momentary and here I am, back in the comfort of home. The trip which was filled with so much challenges and excitement seemed like it happened ages ago. Time sure flies as it likes.

What did I do there? I ate, shop a little, ate some more, stood/sat in the LRT from station to station, had a really good look at the people from all walks of life jamming the trains after office hours and oh-well-my-memory-lapse-is-taking-a-toll-on-me. Can't remember anymore. All I knew is, I truly enjoyed myself.

The taste of being independent is wonderful.

Oops, there are no pictures here. Sorry! Too lazy to snap since I am being more hardworking in having the time of my life than to photograph each happy moment. I will need a video cam for that and sadly, I had no RMs to get one of my own.

You lot must be thinking that I am lying about this wonderful trip I had felt and touched and breathed.


I have some pictures (I didn't snapped them being the lazy me) but I am not posting it up. Reason? You know it better than me.

What? I think I can hear you cursing me. Since you want (desperately) to have a look at the beautiful pictures, go ahead. Just wait for a few days more because Sapphire Blu will be uploading the pictures soon. You can wait, can't you? =D

Signing off for the umpteenth time,

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Anonymous said...

no worry we will be going there again soon..real soon and this time must really go and try the yong taufu where I myself also not sure where the stall is situated right now.. lol..