Friday, January 25, 2008

nian gao galore..

This is why I love the Lunar New Year so much! I can have some mouth-watering, absolutely irresistable nian gau. In BM, we call it kuih bakul. This favourite food of mine can only be obtained annually. Well, if you know how to make it then it's a different story.

Shelves and shelves of nian gaos! I want I want!

I wish I own the nian gao factory so that I get to eat them every day. I would then start producing them not annually, but daily so that everyone could enjoy such delight without having to wait for the Lunar New Year to come.

Come and get one! Buy one get one free! While stock last!!

Okay, she didn't really say that but her pose matched the caption. My sis is a fan of nian gaos too!

I am so going to get fat from eating too much. Don't be surprised if I gain so much weight that you can't even recognise me. It would all be the nian gaos fault!

2 wrote a note:

Eunice said...

nian gao's all time spokesperson!!! chubby coz eat too much nian gao..

Anonymous said...

talking about nian gao i think you got to buy those with banana leaves cos it will taste... oosh... you will keep on asking for more and it will be nice especially when you fry it with sweet potato and yam.. i love nian gao too and soon i will be getting diabetes if i keep on craving for that. putting on weight is not a problem but when diabetes attack... that is a life time sickness.