Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chicken rice for lunch

Yesterday morning, as I walked out of the condo, I saw the day brightening.

The indescribable colour of the horizon.

On the way to the guard house at around 7.00am.

The scene was totally different this morning.

This was snapped around 8.50am. The pool and field of Uplands International School.

The bus came by not long after I waited and there's this cute kid looking and smiling at me.

I don't know the gender. He could be a boy. I saw him again on the ride home after church service. What a coincidence!

Pastor Isaac Chan finished the mini series on Leviticus 1-3 about the 3/5 types of offerings namely, burnt offering, grain offering and peace offering. Next, he would be sharing on the lies we tell ourselves. Sounds interesting.

I was debating between eating from Burma Road but I finally decided on coming back to Ferringhi to eat chicken rice. It's been a while since I last tasted Chinese food.

Yummy chicken!

The rice and soup.

Total I spent for lunch today: RM3.30

Now it's time to mop the floor! I shall wrap up here.

Again, I had a dream about Crystle appearing at home but this time the scenario was different. We were staying in some sort of apartment where we were not afraid to let her out of the house. So funny. I think it's a sign we are getting a new dog soon.

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Eunice said...

shouldn't it be a sign that she's coming home? i think i dreamed of her coming back for 3 times already....