Saturday, December 15, 2007

weak yet strong..

I told you. It's the Dying Season for the terrapins. Can you believe it that their chance to survive now is quite low? In this Dying Season, none are safe.

One of my mom's favourite has joined the rest of her heavenly friends this morning. Her name is Mindy. She had been my mom's companion for almost a year. Two weeks after she was brought home, she had a fell and twisted her neck. Ever since then, she had difficulty in eating and moving about.

However, my mom still loved her albeit her imperfection.

This morning, I received a message from my mom, carrying a very grave news. Mindy had returned home to be with the Lord for eternity. She died beautifully with a straight neck and it was no longer crooked like it used to be.

It was raining the morning she died. Even the sky was crying in sorrow. I recalled it was also raining after we buried Saffy. When I reminisced about Saffy, my heart feels heavy. I guess I know how my mom is feeling right now.

Mindy in a peaceful state

She was so tiny and light yet she had a strong will power to live on.

May you rest in peace, Mindy.

*photos of her burial will be posted up next*

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