Saturday, December 29, 2007

my post-christmas..

Crystle is going for a swim.

Well, I guess not. The goggles doesn't fit.

She's still dreaming about her swimming fantasies.

On the day we came back from Malacca, a friend gave us a Christmas cake!

I want to stay there too.

We ate the cake, tried to bite on the decorations but apparently we couldn't. So, in the end, this is what my mom inspired.

(click on the picture for a larger view)

From a serious school trophy to a Christmas trophy!

P/S: I have a lot to blog about my Malacca trip yet I am lost for words. The post will come soon. How soon? Just SOON. Wait for it ya?

2 wrote a note:

mike said...

well.... there's actually a reason... but err... you gotta wait until i see you then only can tell you. yeah... gonna have to wait quite a while for your malacca trip posting.

Anonymous said...

dun torture ur doggy la...hahahaha..obviopusly she didnt wanna wear tht...unlike wat u told me...hehehe