Monday, February 14, 2011

It's a fine Sunday

I had a great service at church today. After service, there were some booths for people to sign up to commit themselves in and I was tempted to sign up for the worship team. The thing is, I cannot commit right now because of my irregular working hours. Then a lady named Serina approached me and asked me whether I was interested to join in any ministries in the church. I told her I was but I couldn't. Then she shared with me about her family being in various ministries and the chat went on and on until she offered to fetch me to the bus-stop. I didn't want to impose on her but she insisted. Thank God for sending a good Samaritan to me! I was dropped at one of the bus-stops right in front of the police station (it was safer to wait there, according to Serina's husband) along Burma Road and a 101 bus came by shortly after that.

Had a packet of delicious nasi lemak and lukewarm water for lunch which only cost me RM1! Thank God also for the cheap and tasty food!

Today was the first time I got scolded by a guest. The good thing about the scolding was that now I know that I can be patient with such guests. No matter how ridiculous they are, I must make them to feel that they are right. Sometimes I feel there should be more authority given to staff so that there will be less reference to the upper management needed. The case today is a very good example of the need of empowerment in any department. Maybe I can't blame the system. Guests can be so demanding that a Tender, Loving, Care (TLC) service is not enough to satisfy them.

I am glad the case is resolved in the right manner during that time. It might be wrong to make decisions without consulting the manager (tried contacting the manager but to no avail) but it was crucial to act quickly that moment. Rules are supposed to be flexible because it is man-made.

My new schedule for the second half month of February:

16 Feb (Wed): 8-4pm
17 Feb (Thu): 8-4pm
18 Feb (Fri): 10-6pm
19 Feb (Sat): 8-4pm
20 Feb (Sun): DAY OFF
21 Feb (Mon): 3-11pm
22 Feb (Tue): 3-11pm
23 Feb (Wed): 3-11pm
24 Feb (Thu): 3-11pm
25 Feb (Fri): 10-6pm
26 Feb (Sat): DAY OFF
27 Feb (Sun): 3-11pm
28 Feb (Mon): 3-11pm

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Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day
Not a happy day but have tried various ways to stay like nothing went wrong

Will be back to the east again on Wednesday by 3.25pm flight. Hope when I am there my mind is getting normal again and I won't wake up suddenly and start thinking all the things that will make me being a person who has lost her/his soul. I try playing with a red color ball to make me cheerful again. As the ball bounce to the floor it was like my heart followed to bounce out and when it bounce back to my hand it went back into me.

How I wish I can just choose to forget some things that is being stuff in my brain. So much are being stored. Won't they get over flow?

End off with do not know what to say anymore...