Wednesday, March 22, 2006

when boredom strikes..

What am I doing here at this hour when I should be in dreamland? I don't know. Just feel like blogging so here I am.

Today had been an okay day for me. I won't say that it's a wonderful one, no one has wonderful days without feeling not right for a moment or two on the very same day. If some of you can deny the fact, I have to salute and congratulate you for having a flawless and perfect life. It's just like a fairy tale too good to be true to tell somebody that you lead a perfectly perfect life, no?

Bored. Bored. Bored. When will this kind of lifestyle will be over?

Everyone used to think that life is a bliss without work. It's confirmed a myth! I feel my brain getting rusty after so many months leaving school. School life feels like centuries ago. And I am a century-year-old mummy, rotting away in my antique coffin. Someone please help me get out of boredom!!

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oneaisyah said...

hey fiona :) ! finally found ur blog !!
lol .. I miss school too :( .. too much rest and relaxation is boringggg ... lolz

fiona said...

hey aisyah! haha..finally you found it..hehe