Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Saffy ate my art!!

This is one beautiful plate of rice for a dog, don't you think so?

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I was too bored that I decorated Saffy's rice.

As you can see, I carefully expressed my creativity into this plate of rice and transformed it into this fine yet simple (or maybe, interesting) piece of artwork.

  1. First, I arranged some chicken meat in the centre to be some sort of base so that it'll have a firm foundation.
  2. Next, I gave the decoration a bit of colour by putting a tomato on the base.
  3. The red dates were plenty so I arranged them in such a way that they formed the petals of a flower.
  4. Then, I broke the potatoes into much smaller pieces and lay them in between the 'petals'. And...


And it's done. The plate was then brought to the DOG and guess what?

She ate my ART first!!

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falsesmile said...
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Anonymous said...

very creative... but oh my... Saffy wouldn't know how to appreciate your nice piece of art. All your hard work gone in just split seconds.. See you around.