Thursday, March 02, 2006

a call from sunway college..

I received a call from Sunway College today.

"Hello, Yi Kuan. I am calling from Sunway College. You did signed up last year in school under the hotel management course when we came, right?"

"Uhm. Yeah I did."

"Oh, I am calling just to inform you that we are having a new intake in April and is thinking that you would be interested. So, if you are interested, we would like you to come to our college... ."

"Er, okay. Bye."


And I don't even remember I signed up for Sunway. I only remember signing up for the Hillcity one. The most important thing is, I learnt a lesson after the call.


3 wrote a note:

duyunZ said...

lucky i din sign up for any... haha.

sarah said...

they annoy you like hell. i've got agencies calling me up and asking me to hurry! hurry! hurry! use forecast! don't wait for results! these consultants aren't doing their jobs. they're supposed to consult...counsel, not urge you to sign up so that they get commision.

Anonymous said...

the next time anyone call you if you are interested in their colleges just reply... OK i AM ON THE WAY TO YOUR COLLEGE NOW.DO WAIT UNTIL I ARRIVE.. HAHA see what they reply you.

- sapphire -