Thursday, March 23, 2006

blue-eyed versus brown-eyed..

I was browsing through the photos today (I am still as bored!) and I noticed something about Black-mouthed. If you are wondering who he is, I'll tell you. Have I told you before that Saffy has 7 other siblings? If I hadn't, this is one of them.

Can you spot it? I mean the peculiar thing about him.

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Look closely and you might see it.

Okay, fine. I'll tell you. Can you see his eyes? They are blue in colour!! Saffy has brown eyes but they are not as charming as BLUE eyes. I love blue eyes. What more a blue-eyed puppy!

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Brown eyes

Now you see the difference.:)

5 wrote a note:

duyun said...

ey, you're having two dogs now? serious ah??

oneaisyah said...

cute doggies :) !!

CrazyLobster said...

Hi girl! I am glad that you enjoyed reading my blog. You have a nice blog yourself! And very cute puppies!

Fiona said...

duyun: no, i only have one. the other one is a photo taken by my sis when she visited the dog.

Anonymous said...

eh.. how come the other puppy more handsome wan?