Monday, March 06, 2006

moving forward..

I went to midvalley yesterday and I strolled till my legs ached so much that I could hardly walk further. I can prove that by putting up the picture of my cracked heels here but on second thought, no, I won't be posting it here because it's just too gross to be looked at.

There's one particular book that caught my interest in MPH. It's a birthday book and I love the personal proverb in it:

One who moves not forward goes backward.
-German proverb-

I really want to move forward. But to where, I don't know.

2 wrote a note:

duyunZ said...

i go to the store kampar road everyday and stand there until my feet were ......... i dunno... sigh.. working, no fun.

Anonymous said...

at least u can walk..i want to walk at plaza over my place also susah..dun have... only got one miserable boleh tahan plaza.. parkson riverside.

- sapphire -