Saturday, March 11, 2006

friends forever we will be..

I am feeling rather excited. Not because of the dumb result which is coming out in two days but it's because of the reunion with my friends on that day. There are just so many questions I want to ask each and everyone of them like:

How's life?

Where are you going after this?

Will I be seeing you again?

And of course, loads of other questions.

I miss them so much that I can't bear to think how life in school will be like without them. Guess I have to take it as a challenge to start life all over again and make some new friends.

One thing for sure, I'll never forget my old friends. Never.

Will be heading north to Penang after this for some relaxation before the dumb result comes out.
2 more days to go and I'll be free from the misery of the long wait.

2 wrote a note:

duyun said...

specially me.
i miss you too..............
sob sobz

sarah said...

girl i miss you and you're ckigu lee-ness.