Saturday, September 19, 2009

Stalling period begins... AGAIN.

My Raya break officially starts today and I am stalling. Now it's confirmed I have another assignment coming up for F&B and if I have to do it individually, I will definitely protest because it's simply unfair. It has been one assignment per subject ever since forever and why change it when HND is going to phase out in two years' time (to be more accurate, it's only for another 4 semesters)? This is just ridiculous.

I should talk about happier things and forget about the dreadful assignments.

First thing on the list: I am going to celebrate this coming Raya with lemangs and ayam masak merah! I am now stuffed from dinner but the thought of more food makes me crave for more. I guess that's what festivals do to you. It has the food charm that you can never resist until they are over.

Second thing: Joanna's coming back! Will be planning to have a back-to-back movie session with her. Let's watch TheUgly Truth and G-Force/whatever else that is convenient. I can't wait.

Third thing: Haven't thought about it yet.


Dad suddenly suggested Kopitiam for lunch today. I ordered a set lunch of chicken curry rice and Pepsi float.

The curry had a little too much coconut milk in it. I don't really like it.

I ♥ vanilla ice-cream in soft drinks. They have a chemistry that cannot be explained.

P/S: I enjoyed today as I met some friends tonight unexpectedly. Catching up feels so good. I miss my high school friends even more now.

2 wrote a note:

SJ said...

yea i don really like curry with too much santan too.

ps you're invited to comment on my post too =)

cikgu said...

mamak curry do not use santan, I think