Tuesday, September 15, 2009


College has implemented a health scan for everyone. I was scanned (using a pistol-like thermometer) like the barcodes that you can find on items in the supermarket. Then, the guard stamped an 'OK' on the back of my right hand. Oh good, I am now college's property. It's just so weird. But I guess it's a necessary step to take against H1N1. Now I have excuse not to go to college whenever I have a temperature. =P

There'll be another 'OK' stamp on my hand tomorrow. Hey, I can start collecting them like collectibles. Haha.

I had a lovely lunch yesterday so I am going to brag about it.

A plate of roast ducks that is so appealing that I finished all of them on my own!

(Just kidding, sis shared them with me.)

No more ducks!

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