Sunday, September 06, 2009

Smooth-sailing Saturday. The triple S.

Today everything went smoothly. The Holy Spirit works wonders, I tell you. I know I can never stand in front of people, speaking for a good few minutes without the help from God. All glory to God! I hope I did catch some lightnings today. =)

I have procrastinated again. I have always felt lazy on weekends hence, all my assignments have been put on hold today. Being able to finish the first assignment has got me complacent. I have 5 more weeks till the deadline. I shall finish one big chunk of it on Monday. I promise!

I bought another two mooncakes with my favourite type of dough. This time they are not the tiny ones but the regular-sized mooncakes. They are prised at RM2.50 each. Will reveal them in the next post.

Nothing much to say further for the time being so I shall end here with a picture of my twisted hair the day before yesterday.

I love the way my hair shone!

(Okay, narcissim strikes! I should just shut up and go to bed.)

Nitez, people!

4 wrote a note:

siewwei said...

hey, u did tat urself? the hair i mean..i looks real nice =)

Fiona said...

yup. hehe...

siew wei said...

teach me teach me...hehe

Fiona said...

if i have the chance, i will teach you for sure=). when are we meeting up? haha