Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Happy Mooncake Festival in advance! 中秋节快乐!!

Independence Day is over and I have no reasons left to take a break from assignments. I used up my entire day without making the attempt to at least type a few words for Management Accounting. I am contented with the self-declared break I took and tomorrow, I shall resume to typing like there's no tomorrow. I will be continually 'tortured' this way for another one month plus or so. It's really sad.

The Mooncake Festival is round the corner but I have never been a fan of the regular mooncakes (you know, the ones with brown skins) for a few years now. I used to love mooncakes very much but now that I am older, my taste buds have become more sensitive and find the sweetness in them overpowering. But ironically, I love mooncakes that are coated with this type of dough (shown as below).

The character '月' in the middle of the little mooncakes means 'moon'. These contain lotus paste within them. There is another one with the character '中' which means 'mid' but they contain red beans which I don't really like so we only bought the ones with lotus paste.

There are pigs for sale too! Albeit all the fuss about swine flu, I bought one. It's 100% harmless. Free from any flu whatsoever. Let me introduce to you my new pet.


Isn't she cute? I always love to think that all cute animals are female because girls always look better than boys.

How can I eat you when you are so cute, piggy?

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Joanna said...

Oh my !!
Those piggy biscuits !! Used to be the best part of mooncake festival! Miss them much! Always tak sampai hati makan punya tho :P