Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The first few days of the break

WARNING: No pictures ahead. So, be prepared to read all the way through. It's a short entry anyway, so it will not strain your eyes that badly.

First of all, I want to thank the Lord for giving me such great Raya visits and I get to eat good food on top of meeting people, sort of a reunion after not meeting for quite some time. From Sunday afternoon to last night, I had rendang and lemang/ketupat for every meal. I took the opportunity to eat all I could as I only get to eat this festive food once a year. Next year seems to be a long way to go so I better eat more this time round. =D

Wai Leng is back from uni and I will be meeting her at Secret Recipe at 1-ish later. I am finally going out again! I feel a little laid back this semester for a reason I am not even sure of. Might be due to the pandemic or I should just blame on my pure laziness. I realize that I need some time off so I am taking this one week break a chance to meet friends with the price of putting the assignment on hold to be paid. So much to do yet so little time. Yeah, that's always the excuse for the likes like me. Bad time management should be the real reason.

Miss lent me this novel by Frank McCourt (I always think it's McCaught, don't know why) entitled Teacher Man. It's a page turner. He's the first author I know who does not insert inverted commas for all the dialogues in his writings. Sometimes I have to guess who said this or that but it's still interesting.

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SJ said...

happy break! hapy raya and hapy hols!

From me to you, suejean =)