Monday, September 07, 2009

A new field found

I have never stretched my muscles for quite a long time until a few days ago, my sis suggested, "Hey, let's go jogging." I thought for a while and I realized that I should start exercising again so I agreed to it. She found a nice field nearby. The pictures below will do the description of how nice it is.

I remember the first time we went to that field was Wednesday and there were very few people then. Probably due to the virus that people are staying home, or so I thought. It was only later that I realized that it's Hungry Ghost Festival. So that's what keeping the residences from taking a stroll or working out in the field.

Today, we went to the little gym in disguise again and this time, I did not forget to snap some pictures unlike the last time.

Pebbles/Stone path

Paved neatly. I walked on the stones for a while. It was painful at first but I soon got used to it.

Rough or smooth? You can choose whether to walk on the bigger stones or the smaller ones. I recommend the smaller ones.


Kids paradise. Only humans who are 12 years old and below are allowed.

(But I tried the swing. It looks durable.) =P

Field and track

Cycling/jogging/ strolling track and the vast space for kite-flying

Open space gym

Mini gym! You can see there is a stationary bike, air walker and some other interesting equipments for muscle-building at this part of the field. With this place in existence, I think I will be more hardworking to exercise from now on.

So colourful

Since I am speaking of keeping the body fit, here's a picture of some green apples that contribute a lot of benefits to great health.

GREEN APPLES! Eunice drilled the holes using her finger. Wow! We can save the money to buy drills on something else.

On another note, choir practice started today. Time to crack some mirrors! Eeeeekkk!!!

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