Sunday, September 27, 2009

Crazy Little Thing Called ♥

The Footstool Players were as good as ever. I had tremendous joy watching them perform for God and the message in each skit impacted me. The title of the play was 'Crazy Little Thing Called L.O.V.E.'. So many different kinds of representations of love and the ways love conquers all arguments and conflicts were shown. It was really touching. I did not cry but that does not mean I am hard-hearted. I rarely show any signs of emotion unless if it's too overwhelming. A confession to make though: I did cry when I watched Titanic for the first and second time.

I wrote a story of a blown-away nest today with the inspiration credited to my mom. Here is how the story goes with some values that are worthy for imperfect humans such as us to learn. This story is based on a true story but I must clarify that although I am writing in the first person's point of view, the one who really saw the nest was not me. It was definitely someone else I am so closely acquainted too whose identity you could have guessed by now if you had paid attention.

An Ending Of Tragic Story Is The Beginning Of A Beautiful Story

I don't know since when, but as I opened the window one day, I saw a bird nest which is not in the least beautiful hanging in the coiled wire of the tv aerial. It first appeared to be a tiny little thing but as the days went by, the sparrows worked hard on it and it materialised into something that was capable of holding little nestlings. The story should have a happy ending with the Papa Sparrow and Mama Sparrow living with their young but it was not so. A few days later, nature took its course and sent a strong wind towards the direction of the tv aerial and poof, blew the nest away, which probably housed some eggs of the nestlings-to-be by then. The nest was gone in a blink of an eye.

Humans like us might overlook the tiny details around us as we are so caught up with other things claimed to be more major. Who cares for blown-away nests and pathetic birds anyway, some of you might say. If only we would stop and observe into the lives of others, not only the lives of other people but also the lives of species different from our own, we might be able to learn a thing or two from them.

Just like the sparrows, we work hard to gain or attain a higher level in life. The sparrows build nests for protection from rain or shine and also to be made into a home for their family. Day after day, they collected dust, hay, hair and other materials they could pick up from the ground to form their future home. The strong wind was something unexpected that destroyed the fruit of labour of the sparrows, just like the obstacles we face daily and everything we strive for seems pointless when they hinder us from moving forward or starting over when things turn sour. So, where do we go from there?

The story of the sparrows does not end after the nest was blown away. Life needs to move on and it is no use to lament over the destroyed nest. I am no sparrow but it is sensible that they build a new nest later on, this time, choosing carefully the location of the nest so that history does not repeat twice. If they are lucky, they are able to build a versatile nest free from the threat of destruction and then get their happy ending with the ever enlarging nest as a result from the increasing number of nestlings as time goes by.

Are we willing to start over and have brand new chances of success in the next try?


If only I can write that amount of words easily for assignments. Now I feel like turning into a sparrow and build nests all day long.

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