Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Heart of Christmas

There are a few songs for the Christmas choir that have to be memorised and they are in CHINESE. I wish to say that I have successfully memorised all. I can only master one song so far and thus it became my favourite (just because it has easier lyrics compared to the others).

It's a beautiful song. Originally, the song is in English entitled The Heart of Christmas. Really 'you yi yi' (meaningful) song.

The Heart of Christmas
sheng dan de yi yi

The heart of Christmas, what hope it brings
圣诞的意义 带来希望
sheng dan de yi yi dai lai xi wang

The promise of redeeming love through Christ the infant King
jiu shu ying xu lai zi ji du shen bao gui de er zi

So undeserving, yet I still find
虽然我不配 但我发现
sui ran wo bu pei dan wo fa xian

God's greatest gift can be mine
shen jiang ye su ci yu wo

P.S. I am attracted to Samsung Corby! Might be getting it if I love the real thing. The visual one seems promising. It's so ironic because I never liked a touchscreen phone and now I am liking one. Never say you dislike something or you will end up liking it.

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