Monday, November 23, 2009

Anticipating December while watching Mrs. World 2009

Revision week starts today. As usual, I haven't revised yet. But I still have to attend two more lessons for Accounts on Wednesday and Thursday. A few more days of holidays after that and then off to the exam room on Tuesday. 7 December marks the end of second semester. Four more to go.

Currently counting down to the excitement that awaits me next month after the exam. Youth camp at Harvest Haven, Genting trip right after that and Christmas!

I never knew there is such a pageant known as Mrs. World. The venue of this year's pageant is held in Vietnam. Mrs. Malaysia in the top twelve. I find her more beautiful than the Miss version. Go, go, go Mrs. Malaysia! However, she didn't manage to advance to the top 6. So who's the winner of Mrs. World 2009?

Viktoria Radochinskaya (Mrs. Russia) is the best married woman for this year! Gorgeous. Married for nine years with a son and finally the proudest woman to own the crown that is coveted by 74 other contestants.

If you are not eligible to join the beauty pageant for singles, do not fret. Just get married as soon as possible (you can even give birth to a child or two before that) and you are eligible to join this one.

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