Monday, November 09, 2009

Hard Rock Hotel

Back from the land of good food. Went for a movie session at GSC Queensbay Mall (the cinema there looks so much better in design) - Time Traveler's Wife. Quite a good movie. :o)

Oh yeah, made a visit to the Hard Rock Hotel too. It's super expensive even at promotion rate. RM300++ per room. For rooms facing the pool, RM600++. I can only afford to snap pictures to freeze the moment I was there.

How much would it cost if it broke, I wonder.

Largest swimming pool in all of Penang

Can you spot MJ?

Immortailized in stone

Black or white? He prefers white. =)

Gonna go to Kalai's later for lunch! I can never get tired of banana leaf rice. Gaining KGs every day. I totally deserve it for being a glutton.

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