Sunday, January 18, 2009

So blessed!

God just work so many wonders in my life and I have definitely lost count of them.

Take yesterday for example. I usually have a very horrible first day when it comes to the time of the month but I went through yesterday with ease. I was feeling nauseous a little during lunch and a growing cramp and later on, they sort of vanished as soon as I stepped into church. It's just so amazing how God takes the pain away. Hallelujah!

I want to keep on serving the Lord as long as I live not because I feel obliged to do so but because of His great love for me. There is no one who can possibly love me more than He loves me. I don't think that I love myself that much at times.

Then, this keep me thinking. Why are people rejecting the Lord when He has done so much for us to go to Him? Often, people give all sorts of excuses that they are too busy and couldn't be bothered to hear the good news.

The Lord keeps the door open for those who want to know Him. It's the people that keep Him out with a stubborn 'KEEP OUT' etched so deeply on their hearts.

It doesn't matter which continent or ethnicity you came from because God does not look at the outer appearance but rather what is within your heart.

I feel so much better writing this down. I can't express my gladness to have the opportunity to know Him so personally. For all the multitudes of blessings I have received such as my grades at school; the good food I consume each day and every single breath of oxygen I inhaled since the first day I came upon this world, I can never thank enough.

1 wrote a note:

Ham Sap Zai said...

ya, God so sayang us!
no matter we blif to HIM
or dun bother Him,
He will still Loving Us