Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy 牛 Year and have an Oxpicious Season! =)

Once a year, I will blog something about reunion dinner (if I am cooking, that is) and below are the pictures of the dishes we had.

First up: Turnip and carrots

Sis cooked this.

Second dish: Potatoes with minced chicken meat

My cooking. I love adding more black soy sauce so that is why it's so black. =)

Thirdly: Aubergine/Brinjal with minced chicken meat

Less black sauce so it's less black. My cooking. =)

Final dish: Sweet and sour chicken

Sis' cooking. Delicious!

There's also groundnut soup. It's been a while since I have boiled soups like this.

The best soup I have ever boiled (not that I want to self-praise but it's actually good. Hehe!!)

One big happy family picture of everything.

So colourful, right?

Crystle had her share of good food too but...

... she is not eating because of the fire crackers. She is such a cowardly dog. She makes more noise than the crackers. I just hope she will get over her fear soon and start eating.

As usual, I will extend my invitation to those people who wish to 拜年 at my house (to those who know where my house is only. Heehee...). Come and eat and drink because tins of food and cans of drinks are provided. =)

祝大家新年快乐 万事如意!!

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