Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I met a runaway fugitive from the asylum!

I was really angry and shocked but I waited till my emotions sort of cool down before writing it down or else I am afraid Blogger will ban me from using their hosting site to blog . Even the rain came to tone down my anger. So what was I so angry about?

I was driving on a straight road when a lunatic (I shall cease to use the word idiot because idiots might be less intelligent than normal people but their brains are still as normal as everyone else's) sped out of the junction and hit the rear bumper of my car (driver's side). There was a slight impact and I felt the car shook and my thought suddenly flashed back to the time when Ju Dee hit the side of the pillar at Syuen after work. I was thinking of the worst at that moment.

Now how does the car looks like now? Has it become disfigured?

I quickly parked the car and got down. I could feel my heart pounding a million times per milisecond. Imagine how worried I was!

First, I checked the doors. Then, the bumper. Oh, I finally saw it. The unmistakable red paint from the Wira on the curve of the right bumper. There was no dents. Just the scraped paint. What a thoughtful souvenir from the lunatic! I wonder how his car bumper is doing. It had messed with the wrong car.

Below is the simple illustration of how it happened. I was not at fault.

Besides being a lunatic, he was also a coward. He just sped away (with no intention to stop to even check out his feeble bumper condition right after the hit).

I shall be patient with him since he has an empty head.

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