Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The silliness after class

Today we officially started our first class. And all the craziness began.

During lunch, Ju Dee was blushing for I-don't-know-what reason and I snapped some pictures of her. Initially, there was only one photo but she wanted more.

POSE 1: Snowflake cheek

POSE 2: Dorky look

At this point, I planned to stop but she said, "Let's snap more silly pictures!" So here is

POSE 3: Eye-rolling look

Do I look like I care?

Then I felt it's unfair for Ju Dee to be getting the attention all the time so I snapped a candid of Bih Tong as well.

I am blushing too!

Then Ju Dee wanted a final shot of her acting as a deer/reindeer/something-with-horns.

POSE 4: Deer-ish look

I am still not over Christmas!

(I didn't edit this picture because you already looked all made up. Where did you get the lipstick from?)

On another note, result is coming out. I wonder how I fared.

Out of boredom, I took an IQ quiz. This time, it's not from Blogthings. Try it out if you want. It makes people happy.

IQ test score

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