Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mosquito talk

These few days, I have been getting ample of mosquito bites. It seems like the mosquito tribe has a vengeance against me. The worst was when I was bitten in college yesterday morning. I was wearing stockings and I could not scratch or else I would risk tearing them. Now that's the disadvantage of having them on when the mosquitoes are gleefully feasting on my legs.

Even right now, I am typing in the state of itchiness. Can't they just leave me alone and go bite Crystle?

(I am so selfish, I know, but I still love you, Crys. =P)

I hope I don't get dengue. Please let the mosquitoes be the ordinary ones. I do not want to celebrate CNY in the hospital with the nurses and doctors.

Have a happy Moo Moo Year, everyone!!

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