Monday, August 18, 2008

These few days

I have had so many FREE stuffs recently and I just want to thank God for all that He has given me. =)

Firstly, was the free school play ticket from a friend. Next, it was the Lost World of Tambun ticket. The last free ticket I got was the free screening of Wall E by Magnum and I am so blessed!

Duyun, of course I wasn't talking about you. Since when you have been a 'he'?

Speaking of a 'he', I saw a tranny in Lost World this afternoon. She/He wore a blue bikini with a clearly visible scar (due to the breast implants) in the middle of his/her chest/breast/boobs/I-am-not-sure-what-to-call-those-anymore.

Anyway, back to the story. The fire has died down and I don't feel so angry anymore so it's not necessary to put him into the toilet. Thanks for the suggestion though. I will consider it the next time I see him. :P

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puiyun said...

i forgot to continue. let's put him in the toilet bowl and flush. phew.