Friday, August 08, 2008

The end of food studies practical

So here are the dishes in visual form. Pictures courtesy of Miss Nurainie. =)

First up, the appetizer. Crab cakes are really delicious with some touches of bechemel and mayonnaise.

Chilled cucumber soup. So refreshing and 'new'.

This dish is deemed to be the best dish for the day. Chicken breast with orange sauce + honey.

The vege of the day. Broccoli with Mango and Capsicum Salsa. Without the salsa, this dish cannot be called a dish at all. =P

Last but not least, cherry tartlets served with whipping cream. Pui Yun hearts this the most, I mean the whipping cream.

Photography session.

From left: Obviously me (unprepared thanks to Pui Yun who kept on counting two and more twos), Christina (Appetizer Chef), Gayathry (Vegetable Chef/Waitress), Kevin (Meat Chef a.k.a. most celebrated chef of the day!) and Nick (Pastry Chef)

This picture is here just for giggles. The salsa brings a lot of meaning because they are downright important.

Just want to say thank you for everyone who made it successful (although there were some glitches here and there throughout the service).

I will miss Food Studies practicals since this would be the last time wearing the apron and the hat pretending to be a real chef. The semester is going to end real soon and it's time to tackle the theories now.

It's a tiring but a fruitful day.

Sarah and Ah Yun,
Glad to see you both again today. I'm glad you like the food. It's a little something I can do for you guys for being such great friends to me. Oh, and I just remembered. We should have snapped a picture together. Ouch!

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